We're a team of experienced and passionate people based in Canada, US and Ukraine. We take on various types of projects and strive to deliver the best outcomes. Our experience covers many industries including healthcare, telecom, gaming, fintech and banking.

Each project is led by an expert who has extensive experience in the relevant business area

Transparency leads to trust. And it's one of our most important tenets and we strive to do so with our colleagues and clients

Our confidence not only stems from our ability to solve difficult issues but also the trust we have developed within our team

We're always looking for ways to collaborate
with local colleges and universities
on applying machine learning to solve complex healthcare problems

Application Framework

Our platform combines a variety of tools and features and is quite extensive. You could personalize feeds and channels for self-service research to using machine learning to better analyze your data and for predictive analytics.

  • Analytical dashboards and reports

  • Transactional forms surveys, quizzes, and assessments

  • Personalized feeds and channels for self-service research on curated content

  • Personalization through machine learning and adaptive workflows

  • Messaging and notifications for entire team members and network

  • Multi-tiered approach: storage, entity, visual, and solution models

Web development

We create modern and beautiful responsive websites and mobile optimized sites as well as web-based systems that require higher than average performance and scalability.

Android / iOS

A team of UX oriented developers and designers create amazing iOS and Android applications that help our clients to reach their business goals faster. We make sure your apps look and work right.

Machine learning

Our engineers can work with your data scientists, engineers and others to formulate a strategy on how to best use machine learning in your day to day activities.

Design / UX

We are able to design everything that is needed for a good looking app or website that generates higher conversions and measurable results with beautiful and engaging experiences.

Data management

We can setup your data warehouse, and work with you to get better insights of your data through research and analytics.

Agile methodologies

Our team can train and guide your team through the best agile practices.


Manage using adaptive pathways


Engage community, family members, staff and other relevant parties


Analyze performance, risks and opportunities using machine intelligence

recent Projects

We built AdaptCore's transactional analytics platform that powers a suite of solutions including patient insights, care coordination, care transition, risk management, quality management and chronic conditions management.

Cosmos is Microsoft's internal Big Data Store, the original technology behind the Azure Data Lake. The Cosmos operations team are tasked with managing and provisioning both storage and compute for Cosmos. They had a set of metrics to track their performance from multiple aspects. These included operational metrics such as client requests for extensions, replications, and data movement, as well as utilization metrics for system resources.

PointClickCare provides Electronic
Health Record (EHR) and other health information technology solutions for the Senior Care Market—comprised of
skilled nursing facilities, senior living facilities (Assisted Living, Retirement, Independent
Living), and Home Health and Informal Care.