Improve your health network ratings, minimize risk, maximize efficacy, and improve the quality of care delivered


Proactively reduce patients readmissions and deteriorating health conditions through anomalies and outlier detection


Leverage AI for precision health to improve quality of care using adaptable health and wellness programs


Develop new business opportunities through the power of data insights and predictive analytics



We are passionate about applying the latest technological innovations in AI and data management toward revolutionizing healthcare IT. We offer a suite of extensible population health solutions to manage acute, post acute, chronic condition, and long term care patients.


Use powerful and interactive dashboards and reports to manage patients, staff, as well as resources and operations


Correlate, filter, and navigate your data and patient cohorts to derive new insights, mitigate risk and improve outcomes


Perform causal analysis, ask what-if questions to assess the impact of your assumptions and decisions over time to improve outcomes


React to alerts and notifications as well as derived visual insights using tasks, workflows, and assessments while managing resources and workload


Enable providers and family members to affect outcomes through active engagement anywhere and anytime using their preferred medium spanning mobile, voice, and web.


Our extensible solutions platform provides you with self-service analytics and research tools. We use intuitive interfaces targeted specifically for healthcare providers, life sciences researchers, quality managers, business analysts, campaign managers, and program administrators to provide guided data discovery and correlation that transforms your data into actionable insights.


Our platform and suite of extensible population health management solutions are built specifically to address
your needs:

  • We offer Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) ability to manage risk and monitor patients across care settings

  • We enable Hospitals and Nursing facilities to improve network performance, increase referrals, reduce re-admissions, and maximize revenue

  • We allow Health Plans to improve outcomes and reduce avoidable visits and higher cost treatments

  • We provide Pharma companies with the tools necessary to manage clinical trials, improve medication adherence, and monitor outcomes

  • We help EHR and EMR vendors extend their offering with analytical and population health management capabilities

data management
Data comes from a variety of different sources. Using our specialized platform, management and access of data becomes simple and effective.
From statistical analysis to deep learning models, our platform utilizes the latest technologies to transform your data into actionable insight.
Discover, explore, and correlate your data, identify trial sets, monitor, correlate, then publish your research results.
Pick your visual medium of choice based on your needs to monitor and analyze your data in real-time.  Create visually stunning dashboards and reports.



PointClickCare’s cloud-based EHR platform supports the largest network of senior care providers in the LTPAC market across US and Canada.  PointClickCare used AdaptCore platform to deliver a suite of population health management solutions.

iCaria health

iCaria Health is a mobile and voice solution for tracking the health and wellness of your loved ones anytime and anywhere.  It leverages the AdaptCore Health solutions platform to monitor patients at SNFs or Home settings including long term and post acute care treatment adherence.

Amazon AWS

We leverage Amazon AWS PaaS to deliver a highly scalable, performant, and secure solutions platform.  Some of the technologies we use includes Route 53, Cloud Trail, Cloud Watch, API Gateway, S3, RDS Aurora, DynamoDB, Elastic Search, EC2, Elastic Bean Stalk, Lambda, and many more. Using AWS, we can be hosted on the same platform in the same environment as many of our own customers.

Microsoft Azure

Through Microsoft BizSpark and Microsoft Azure, we are able to leverage a variety of PaaS services offered for our health care and life sciences customers who have adopted this technology.  Some of the services we use include SQL Azure, Windows Azure, Elastic Search, Azure Queues, and Azure Blobs.


OUR values

Each project is led by an expert who has extensive experience in the relevant business area
Transparency leads to trust—it's one of our most important tenets and we strive to do so with our colleagues and clients
Our confidence not only stems from our ability to solve difficult issues but also the trust we have developed within our team
We're always looking for ways to collaborate with local colleges and universities on applying machine learning to solve complex healthcare problems


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We have a responsibility to provide quality products they can trust to improve their operations and services.


We have a responsibility to treat them with respect, nurture their growth, and develop them professionally.


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